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THE IMP PARTS 1- 2 - 3 and 4.

THE IMP PART 1 “Come on love, we need to clear all this rubbish before we can turn this room into a nursery,” Annabel said. Bob sat on the floor surround by his books and old ornaments. Annabel couldn’t understand why he kept looking at the china imp. With its nasty scarlet eyes, it looked almost alive. “I’m not having that in the house, it’s got to go,” Annabel said. “But I’ve had it for so long, he’s like an old friend,” Bob countered. “Not anymore,” Annabel took the imp and threw it in a box, marked ‘dump.’ “You’ll regret that,” whispered the imp. THE IMP PART 2 The rain tumbled over the blocked gutters like a miniature waterfall. It splashed against the patio doors, leaving dirty marks.


THE AGE OF THE VIRUS My computer is running as fast as a three legged donkey. I wait an age for it to boot up, and finding pages on the net is near impossible this side of midnight. It wasn’t as if I didn’t ask the internet community for help. I had suggestions from rebooting to defragging – whatever that is. My brain was so fuzzy. I phoned my son. He listened for about thirty seconds before he said. “Dad, you’ve got a virus.” “But you installed anti-virus software.” “Can you remember what I told you to do?” “When?” “Dad, I think you’ve got the virus.”


Dove Tale Welcome the dove flying endlessly on high as the lands burn with hatred and violence. No matter the cause the way to oblivion beckons like a firestorm in the dark. Fear the man ignoring the consequences in his quest for endless power. Yet the dove still flies seeking to heal the troubled hearts and minds. Seek the inner peace that will give comfort to the body and tranquillity to the soul. For only the devoted can survive and know understanding and humility. Embrace the future unconditionally. And live your life with compassion and kindness. For only true love can overcome.


CHING CHONG – A SHORT HISTORY Ching Chong Chinaman walking down the street. No right foot but two left feet. Ching Chong Chinaman with a big frown. Takes one step, and he falls down. Ching Chong Chinaman feeling very sore. Jumps back up, says no more. Ching Chong Chinaman hops to his shop. Picks up a stick, clip, clip, clop. Ching Chong Chinaman wears a big grin. One long stick, one more limb. Ching Chong Chinaman looking very cool. No fall down that’s the rule. Ching Chong Chinaman say all is well. Sister say, only time will tell. Ching Chong Chinaman feeling very silly. Again fall down and hurt his willy.


Are There Shops In Heaven? I love shopping, too much my friends would say, and perhaps they are right. You see, I may have a fatal addiction. I’ve maxed out on my cards, my overdraft is bigger than the equity on my house, and my food cupboard wouldn’t keep a mouse alive. Conversely, all four of my wardrobes are overflowing and every door has more clothes on hangers than my local shop. There are half opened parcels everywhere. I just about have enough space on the kitchen table to drink a cuppa. I have to do something to end my predicament. The coffee tastes funny with the cocktail. I wonder if the angels will sympathise with a stupid shopaholic. But what if I don’t finish the brew? I haven’t


I have really got stuck into my follow up novel, Heroes Never Fade, with 14500 words accomplished now. I'll look for a suitable book cover in due course but for anyone wanting a taster, look no further. Please note that this is a draft and the image may or may not be used. All comments welcomed. “Yeesssss! Yeesssss!” Warriors and common folk alike held their hands over their ears. Deafened by the screaming of a mad-man some ran away, trying to escape the incessant noise. Oblivious to everything the Tormented King shrieked and screamed. Throwing platters and goblets at the walls increased his pleasure as he ran from the hall. Slowly the men moved, drinking ale to steady frayed nerves. Serving

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