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My diary is hotting up with so much work in the pipeline. I've been asked, and submitted, a ghost story for Dr. Karl Bell's Portsmouth Dark City project. I'm offering a part of my novel, Evil Never Dies, to be read by actors at the Debug My Script event at the Portsmouth Hub event on Thursday 31st March. I'm running two Drabble Workshops for Hampshire County Council's Shakespeare festival at Fareham library on the 5th of April and Waterlooville library on the 7th of April. I'm frantically trying to edit my second novel, Heroes Never Fade, as I have Beta readers ready and an editor who needs a date to start work. One short story has been chosen for publication in a magazine (agreed but no dat


SID’S PLACE As usual Sid’s was buzzing. The dance floor was full of wall to wall girls all dancing to the Motown beat. I always stood just inside the door on my arrival, taking my time, looking at so many beauties in one place, making mental notes of any that caught my eye. Looking back I realise that the girls played the same game, the semi-concealed glance, the quick smile and the flash of soft eyes were all designed as a come-on. I rarely asked dark haired girls to dance, for natural blondes with long hair were my prey. I had no idea why. I never started with any preconceived ideas but my mind seemed to always steer me in a blond direction, my eyes taking in the curves on offer. I walked


MEET AND GREET “Cheers mate, great to see you after all this time.” “You too, Simon. Must be ten years.” “More like eleven, Ronnie boy.” “Still with Catherine?” “We split a few months back, left me for her boss, whoever he is.” Simon took a long slurp of ale whilst looking into the distance. Ronnie thought back, the memories just as vivid. “Is that right ... or did you stray again?” “Can’t you ever let go. She chose me, not you, and now she’s moved on. That’s life. I’ve got over her, why can’t you?” Ronnie turned his head, trying to control the anger eating into him. “But you never loved her, she was just a possession ... a pretty toy to own, like all your other conquests.” “So what mate? I

Character Madness: Amos from Carriage Interviews Grona from Evil Never Dies

Amos interviews Grona from Evil Never Dies by Rick Haynes Amos peeks into the cottage and sees that no one is there. “Empty. Just the way I like it.” He lights the candles and opens the file sitting on the table. He is doing our interview today, because he understands hate, unlike Jena’s other characters. He’s still angry over his brother’s survival. He spent good money to knock him off. He turns the page, and reads. The Maxilla are a peaceful clan but when rumours of dark magic arrive once again, can they survive the latest threat from, Myracadonis, the shaman? Tarn is ordered to lead the Maxilla into battle for the first time, but a man with the mark of greatness will always have enemies.

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