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Launch Date 14th November 2016 Pre-orders are now available. Here's the blurb and a couple of teasers. My observations have been based on everything from the unbelievable to the unimaginable, thus my crazy tales needed a crazy name. The alliteration in the title seemed apt for this collection, as it is indeed, a selection box of bite-sized treats.


TIME TO PARTY Padding silently through the dense foliage the werewolves sought a high point to observe their quarry. As the dancing at the Halloween party reached frenzy, they sensed that a golden opportunity awaited them below. Razor-sharp teeth gleamed in the moonlight as they saw their prey exposed in the intense disco lights. Their howls would soon ring out as human flesh and blood would once again fill empty stomachs. A huge bang; the crowd screamed; the darkness total. As the evil creatures raced towards their feed, bright lights suddenly exposed them. “Bollocks! Cut! Cut! Cut! Whose bloody mobile just rang?”

ANDY McNAB NIGHT - What a great talk.

ANDY McNAB NIGHT - What a great talk. The Portsmouth Hub in England arranged a fantastic evening on the 27th of October 2016, with a talk by Andy McNab, not his real name, who served as a trooper with the SAS. He proudly told us that he was the 38th bestselling author in the UK, ever, and gave the audience a brief history of his life. I met him before hand and it was obvious that his attitude was down-to-earth and positive. He also signed my copy of his book, Crossfire. Andy McNab has written an amazing 46 books - 24 fiction, 6 non-fiction and 16 for young adults. I asked him whether he has a set plan when he writes. No, he says, before saying that he starts in January, aims to knock out 80k


Today's quote from me 2. Laughing lingers longer – make someone laugh.


As the warmth of the sun fades away and the nights darken it's time to snuggle up indoors. Keep warm, laugh often, love always, and live long. It's cuddle-up time. 1. Cuddling is cosy – give someone a cuddle. 2. Laughing lingers longer – make someone laugh. 3. Caring is compelling – take care of those you love. 4. Fondling is fabulous – be careful who you fondle. 5. Hugging is handsome – hug everyone closely. 6. Kindness is king – make someone a king today. 7. Loving is lovely – love lots and live long. 8. See the sparkles – sprinkle the magic.


My author booth is up and running. And here are the rules for the Drabble Competition. VirtualFantasyCon 2016 Drabble Competition Fancy writing a DRABBLE? Want to win a signed copy of my first medieval fantasy novel Evil Never Dies? Any genre of fantasy is acceptable but ... Please read the rules VERY carefully, as alas, any entry that strays from them cannot be considered. Drabbles are tales of exactly 100 words excluding the title. The theme for the competition is, ‘The Power Beyond,’ but these words do not need to be included within your Drabble and must not be used in the title. The rules. 1. No really bad language, graphic violence, or hard erotica please. Think of my sensitive eyes and

VirtualFantasyCon 2016

One again it’s a real honour to be invited to join so many fine authors in the second VirtualFantasyCon. The event is spread over one week and covers all fantasy genres. My author booth will open on Epic Fantasy day - Sunday 9th of October - and if last year is anything to go by it will be one manic day. There will be a writing competition, QandA session, discussions, chat and everything else that pops up on the day. Last year I won the VirtualFantasyCon International Drabble Competition with my tale Spectral Morning, and this year I am running the 2016 comp. So to all my friends, I ask for your support. Do spread the word about this week long event on your Facebook page, Twitter accoun

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