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Hi everyone and welcome to Black Friday. Do I have a deal for you? Buy a copy of my novel Evil Never Dies - eBook or paperback - and receive a copy of my latest book, Chocolate Chunks From Crazy Crete – Free. That’s right, for today only, you get two books for the price of my novel. One reviewer posted this about Evil Never Dies. ‘For a first novel this is very good. The overall tale might seem familiar to any fan of heroic fantasy, but it's told here in well paced and punchy fashion that keeps you glued to the page. What I liked here was the author keeping on track and not falling into the trap of digressing simply to expand on the world. I liked the feel of interaction from the gods in the


I am delighted to let you know that my first novel, Evil Never Dies, is now available in Blackwells Bookshop, University of Portsmouth, Cambridge Rd, Portsmouth PO1 2EF, courtesy of the lovely manager, Jo West. Now that made my day.


Just received my first review of Crazy Chunks From Crazy Crete and it's 5 stars. It's extra special because the reviewer lives on Crete and can associate with the tales. If I knew Anthony, I'd shake his hand because his kind words made my day. The traffic jam in Kalyves and Api Corno café we know well (agree - best coffee in town) It landed on my Kindle on Monday and I haven't stopped laughing yet. The traffic jam in Kalyves and Api Corno café we know well (agree - best coffee in town). What a tonic on a cold November day in the UK. Thanks to Helen for letting everyone know about this. Anne and Tony


I am extremely grateful to the wonderful Val Portelli for allowing me to publish her poignant tales. When will we ever learn? 1914-1918 Dear Mum So here we are. Who would ever have imagined the assassination of an Austrian duke would have spread to the current madness with every major power involved in the war to end all wars. America, Japan, and Russia crossing swords with Germany, and the Ottoman Empire using the excuse to settle old scores. In a lot of ways it’s not the enemy we’re fighting that we fear the most, but the rats and disease in the trenches that sap our spirit and make life hard. Despite all the hardship the glorious display of the poppy fields bring back happier memori


Many thanks to Helen and her kind words, as well as for sending the details of the launch to her followers. After my blog about good Cretan reads I have been told about a new book due to be published. I have to read it yet, but, as it involves the area in which I live it is likely to be entertaining and I thought many of you would be interested too. It is a collection of tales about some of the author's experiences. Some are true, or based on some degree of truth, whilst others are complete fiction. Some are crazy, hence the title "Chocolate Chunks From Crazy Crete". Also included are 3 stories about local folk in Kalyves, who generously gave their time and permission to use their names as

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