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Why do writers love an Amazon review? 5 reviews prove to the writer that people have actually read their work. 10 reviews and other readers believe that the book is worth a peek. 20 reviews and the writer now believes in their own work. 50 reviews and both the writer and the readers join up, go down the pub, and drink copious amounts of alcohol. 100 reviews and the magic flows. The dragons fly in the fan mail every day, the imps open it and deal with all the messages of adoration, and the elves organise the never ending party before promoting their own website called, ‘You call, we answer, we fly anywhere, anytime, 24/7.’ If you want the magic of words to captivate you, please leave a review

Bastion Boys

Bastion Boys by Rick Haynes We saw a message about the boys away. How long to go, how long to stay. With the dust and the heat, and the boot sore feet. Of the longing to be home again. We saw the need of a comfort or two. From a reading book to a sweet to chew. And thought of the need, of the warrior creed. And the longing to be home again. So here we send to the boys away. Some small comforts for their day. On that foreign sand, in that hellish land. Of the longing to be home again. So we pray to god and wish you well. In that place you know, that living hell. With knee unbowed, it makes us proud. And the longing to be home again.


Evil Never Dies YouTube video. I'm setting up my own channel and am trying to arrange my videos under my own banner now. So please click here whether you have seen this one before or not. There will be another fantasy video once my new novel is released. Thanks for your help.


TUESDAY 11TH APRIL A novel of Heroic fantasy Why was a small child kidnapped? And can Abastor, the mysterious leader of The Souls, be trusted. Or is the truth hidden in a web of deceit and lies?

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