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Landscape of the Gods. Shards of ice surge upwards to the heavens, their colour changing to burnished gold as the rays of the golden orb turn them into pillars of fire. Deep inside their realm, the gods are cosseted, their minds elsewhere, wandering far away over the cosmos. Yet, Titian, the god of war, and his sister, Jade, the goddess of peace are locked in battle to determine the right for humans to live or die. The world below is changing. The skies are crimson; the green lands destroyed by marauding armies and only a tidal wave of heroes’ blood can prevent the slaughter.


Rick Haynes: Author interview Today I introduce Rick Haynes, an English writer and author of the recently published epic fantasy novel, Heroes Never Fade. Rick has quite a few novels published, so make sure you check out his Amazon page and website, the links are below. What is your current project? Hi Cindy, thank you for inviting me to your excellent blog. My passion is epic fantasy and with the recent release of my second novel on the 11th of April, I’m taking a short break from writing, but then again I’m a terrible liar. I’ve put together about 2/3 chapters for the last book in the trilogy, scrapped them, and started again. Alas the result is the same so I’m looking for inspiration righ


Round 2 continues with author Rick Haynes, and a new round of course means new questions! This time, my guests can choose from a list of 80 questions, and can only answer 10 of them! Hopefully Rick will re-visit in the future and answer another 10 for us. Tell us a little about yourself - Perhaps something not many people know? I love football, watching, but especially playing. I gave up at the age of 47 because after a full game - I did score with an over head kick - I couldn’t move the next morning. As the years passed my joints began to sing the song of despair. I had 7 knee operations (inc. one nice metal knee) two shoulder operations and various procedures on my neck. I now await a new


Hello everybodies. How are you today. After my successful online launch of Heroes Never Fade I am delighted to invite you to Blackwell's in Portsmouth on Saturday the 13th of May, commencing at 2pm. Throw in some humour along with the wine and nibbles - and yes, for those with a sweet tooth, cake will be served - and it will be a fun afternoon. To assist the lovely #JoannaWest I would be grateful if you would kindly let me know if you are attending. Well, you wouldn't want to arrive and find that all the wine and cake had been consumed, would you? For those in England, I'll see you there.


Hello everyone, I do hope that Thusday is a good day for you. I know a really good blogger who likes to promote fantasy authors and he has recently posted a lovely piece about me. If you would like to approach him, then please contact me and I'll pass your details on. I can't give you the link yet as I need to ask him first. As I don't know how heavy his workload is, I don't want to put him in an embrassing position. So do let me know. Cheers Rick.


What a day it was yesterday. My launch party got off like a snail wearing lead boots and very slowly discarded them over the next ten hours. Yep, I was online all that time. My eyes were out on stalks, my back was killing me, but as our cousins from across the pond arrived, I soon forgot my discomforts. There was some great interactions, excellent promotion from my 4 fellow fantasy authors, and a good prescence on FB. I had five reviews averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars, and even sold some books. All in all it was a hard days graft but worthwhile. My grateful thanks to my author friends, and to the many that turned up and joined in. It's a shame that so many said they were coming, but didn't.


It has taken me 18 months to write my 2nd epic fantasy novel, Heroes Never Fade. It is also the second in the Maxilla trilogy. Evil Never Dies was published in 2015 and the third - Magic Never Ends - should be ready in 2018. I believe that there are many facets to war, and thus I show the horrors, as well as the loyalty and love of those involved. All men and women are flawed and I show their strength and weaknesses, their compassion and cruelty, for war brings out the best and worst in even the gentlest of folk. In the land of Cpin, the Queen, has mysteriously disappeared. Discontent is spreading and the threat of civil war looms ever closer as the Tormented King is marching towards the cit


The release video for Heroes Never Fade is now on YouTube. Brilliantly put together by Ryan Haynes - 2FarSouth productions -. the music is aptly named 'A Funeral For A God.' As one proof reader wrote, 'The book is brilliant as well.' Yippee!


In advance of the launch of Heroes Never Fade on the 11th of April, here is the wrap around cover for your perusal. I would very much welcome your thoughts. Pre-orders are now available on Amazon.

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