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DUNKIRK The map of the battlefield. With the recent film creating huge interest in the greatest disaster in British Military History, it is time to tell one man’s quest for survival. Sidney Frank Haynes, nicknamed Tank, was born on the 16th September 1912. My father never spoke about his parents, so I assume that he was born out of wedlock. He roamed the streets of London, searching for food to survive. He was smaller than many of his age, and walked in bare feet until his twelfth birthday. Jumping over a high wall with sharp spikes for a dare, endeared him to his mates, but the long stay in hospital to repair the deep gash in his thigh gave him the best food he had ever tasted. After his di

Meet Natasa and Mixalis

Meet Natasa and Mixalis. Kalvyes is a working town resting on the southern shores of Souda Bay, on the island of Crete. There are many tavernas and cafes to choose from, and one we continue to visit year after year. Api Corno - cafe – pub, call it what you will, is named after an old Venetian castle, Castel Apicorno, which was built around the 13th century and destroyed by the pirate, Barbarossa, in 1538. The ruins, overlooking Kalyves and the huge bay, can still be seen today. Api Corno, is run by Natasha and Michael. From early morning, until, often dawn, they and their helpers offer an all year service. With such high taxation in Crete, how the two of them, or any other business owners, m


DROBBLE/DRABBLE/DRICKLE by Rick Haynes Hi everyone. I’ve been thinking about something a little different, something to tax the brain in the art of word - pruning. I don’t know if my idea has been done before, but here goes. I wrote a story of 200 words, then challenged myself to condense into Drabble format, and again to reduce it to Drickle size (note the rick in Dricklle – I can hear the groans from here – LOL). So I have a Drobble of exactly 200 words, A Drabble of exactly 100 words and, you guessed it, A Drickle of exactly 25 words. Please note that Drobbles and Drickles are figments of my imagination after one or two glasses of Southern comfort, although I guess they could be real now.


On a Wing and a Prayer by Rick Haynes I arrive at The Poorly Hospital International Arrivals Lounge. ‘Good morning. Welcome to Poorly. Your expected journey time is six days incarceration in one of our 5 star prisons, only joking, rooms. You will be flying as high as a kite in about two hours. Sister, please introduce our specialist crew.’ ‘Thomas, our First Officer, he will put you to sleep, eventually. Stewardess Dolly will hold your hand, tightly, and Captain Matthew will entice you to sign the consent form.’ I receive an epidural. When I awake the pain is unbelievable. I look down. Looks like I didn’t make it.


Harris, most people call him, Harry, is the manager of IL Forno, which means the oven, of a taverna in Kalyves, Crete. To say he is larger than life would be an understatement, for his route through life is covered in fun. I first met him ten years ago, and no matter what has happened over the years, his welcoming smile has never changed. Being the inquisitive author that I am, I asked Theo whether he had any interesting stories to tell. Little did I know that I had turned on the tap. I took notes, and decided to use one of his memorable recollections in my Cretan stories. Once, Chocolate Chunks From Crazy Crete had been published I gave him a signed copy. I wish that I had photographed the

How To Self-Publish

Once more I'm very grateful to Val Portelli for allowing me to post her - slightly tongue in cheek - missives on writing. Here is the second. How to self-publish by Val Portelli Previously published on July 2nd by VOINKS IN BOOKS, PUBLISHING For those of you who enjoyed my previous post ‘How to become an author’ I thought you might find this follow-up useful: Now that I have told you everything there is to know about being a writer I thought it was time to improve your knowledge of self- publishing. • You already have your beautifully prepared manuscript so it’s easy. Right? Wrong. • First, you have to consider formatting and page layout. How big is an indent? Do you used single space, doubl


Chips, Seagulls and Dracula by Rick Haynes I am sitting on my favourite bench watching the sea slowly swallow the sun for another day. I really love this view, especially now that the day trippers have gone home. The breeze is cool, yet no goose bumps have arrived on my exposed arms. I am content. My mind is wandering aimlessly over the deep green, urging me to close my eyes and to dream of exotic lands far, far, away. Alas, the screeching kings of the skies have other ideas. I know I shouldn’t have bought this bag of grease with chips, but, with an empty stomach begging for sustenance, the smell from the mobile fish and chips van had been too hard to resist. I crunch down on a golden finger


THIS IS ME – Rick Haynes I was born in South London, England, not long after the end of the Second World War. My family was poor, but I never knew because my childhood was fun. I was always outside, playing in the street. I was happy. I passed the 11+ exams and was lucky enough to be offered a place at a local grammar school, but any desire to read was lost in a world of sport and watching those strange and beautiful creatures - girls. My sister gave me a copy of The Devil Rides Out by Dennis Wheatley, a story of the occult and black magic. Risqué it was for a thirteen year old, but a revelation. Yet even though I had to study English Literature, general reading still didn’t grab me at all.

How to become an author in 20 easy lessons

I'm very grateful to Val Portelli for allowing me to post her - slightly tongue in cheek - missives on writing. Here is the first. Previously published on May 28th 2017 by VOINKS IN BOOKS, PUBLISHING How to become an author in 20 easy lessons. It’s done. My first attempt at self-publishing is complete and ‘Spirit of Technology’ is entered into the Amazon storyteller competition. All I need now are the reviews and I can start arranging the party on my new yacht. Meanwhile here’s a little tutorial in case anyone thinks being an author is easy. Part 1 1. Read a lot. Anything and everything, even the back of cereal packets is good. 2. (Not recommended.) Have a freak accident which leaves y

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