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Halloween Horror “On All Hallows Eve, the world will forever change.” I think not. “This isn’t fantasy, it’s a fact, because this year the gates of hell will be opened and the demon spawn will surge forth and destroy us. Too long have they waited in the eternal darkness, but not for much longer, pal.” One man alone is not responsible for such stupidity. “Oh yes he is. He’s sitting in a chair with his finger over a red button.” He’s a human being, not some hideous fiend. “Now who’s being stupid? At midnight on the 31st of October, he will release all his might and soon after planet Earth will fall into shadow.” Do you realise that you have a very active and tedious imagination? “You won’t be


FREE SEX AND CHOCOLATE Sitting down is easy. Writing is the difficult bit, and making a living nearly impossible, yet we plough on with our passion and enjoy what we do. From a readers perspective they have an endless choice of books to choose. From hardbacks to paperbacks and discounted EBooks they can take their time before making a decision. And let’s not forget the dreaded words that crop up again and again. I was told that most successful adverts had one of the following – sex, chocolate or freeeeeeeeeeee. I hate free. Many authors love it, and all readers adore the word, but it’s not for me. I once thought about writing a book with the title - Free Sex and Chocolate. I had no idea what

My Quirky Interview With Jena Baxter

Jena Baxter Quirky Interview Name Rick Haynes Genre Fantasy What made you decide you wanted to write? I had no desire to write until four years ago. After 7 knee and two shoulder operations, I was climbing walls. I asked my wife. ‘Where can I go to release myself from this incarceration?’ ‘Try the kitchen,’ didn’t go down too well. I tried again. ‘Come on, what can I do?’ ‘Try the washing up,’ didn’t go down too well either. And then came that light-bulb moment when my better half said. ‘Why don’t you write your feelings down?’ I was up the stairs just faster than a snail and wrote a diary of getting old. It was crap, I was crap, as my new writing group friends told me ever so nicely. So I w

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