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OUTCAST my new novel

Have I got some exciting news for you. I’ve been working on my new fantasy novel, Outcast, for many months and I’m so proud now that it’s almost finished. Another read through and it’s off to beta readers for checking. It will be published next year. In the meantime, for your eyes only, here is a taste of what’s in the book. With his squinty little eyes, and nose constantly running with snot, I really loathed Father Coleth. The little runt had tried to destroy me ever since I was born. At first, I was too young to understand why he beat me, but could I help it if my sister Dagmaer was a whore? She looked after me when our parents mysteriously disappeared, yet died young. I was yet to reach m

Halloween Horror by Richard Bunce

I'm delighted to post the winning entry from Richard Bunce in my Halloween short story comp. "Is everything ready?" "Yes. I've made some eyeballs-on-a-stick, and some chocolate dog-poos. I just need to mix up some spooky potions and blacken my front teeth." "Well, be nice to them, we don't want eggs thrown at our windows again." "Keep an eye on the front gate will you, while I get ready." "Will do." Mike stood at the window, and watched a small child with a sheet over her head approach the door. The child's mother waved from the road. "Hurry up Janet! First child coming! It's Ellie's kid from no 7." "On my way!" The door bell rang and Mike heard a buzz of witchy conversation and pretend scre

What a great 5 star review of Heroes Never Fade from the highly regarded N.N.Light

Customer Review 5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for Game of Thrones fans! By N. N. Light on November 2, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition Fans of Games of Thrones must read this book! This is part two of a three part series but you never have to worry as it stands mightily on it’s own as a great read. This is a fantastic adventure that gives the reader everything they could want in a book like this – heroes, magic, a truly evil bad, a God that meddles in human affairs and glory and action! The hero in this book may simply be the heart of man as it is the heart of man that leads them to victory when all seems lost. Simply one of the best books written for this genre. My Rating: 5 stars

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