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Dead Man's Handle

Dead Mans’ Handle The sun had yet to show its face in the gap between the buildings, but soon the rays would reveal the full extent of last nights’ detritus now adorning the weathered flagstones. No one knew how long ago the name of the alley had been changed, yet in the 21st century, Dead Mans’ Handle seemed apt with so many bodies found within less than a mile square. She sat on a green wheelie bin, her hair extending down. Lank in lustre and covered in dirt it almost covered her thin frame. Removing her faded red top to reveal a pair of droopy breasts enabled the tourists to take photographs of her heavily tattooed body. After so many months, dealing with all their questions was second na

Shush! Fancy a bit of fun?

The Portsmouth Book Fest is in full swing and yours truly is involved in two very different events. On Tuesday the 20th of February at 7pm on the 3rd floor of Portsmouth Central library, I'm holding a two hour Drabble workshop. I guarantee it will be entertaining. On Friday the 2nd of March between 11am and 3pm at Southsea library I'll be one of several authors in the spontaneous writing booth. Pay £1, yep, just one £1 and the author will write you a poem or short tale before your very eyes on any topic you wish. Now if that's not going to be hilarious then I don't know what will be. No booking is necessary so simply turn up and let the fun begin. If you can't make any event perhaps you woul


A & E IS HELL - OR IS IT? Here’s the true story of my unexpected visit to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Queen Alexander Hospital on Friday the 2nd of February 2017. Sitting at my desk trying to work out the mysteries of a create programme from hell, I felt a slight twinge on the left hand side of my chest. Thinking nothing of it, I carried on. The word, heartburn, came to mind. Yet the pain decided I wasn’t taking any notice so upped the ante. I winched from a fresh stab in the chest, vigourously rubbed that area on my torso, ignored the growing needles inside my skin and carried on typing. I should have known better for my demeanour changed within minutes. With the constant s

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