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Guest Author Spotlight - Frances Cooper

I am delighted to welcome the wonderful Frances Cooper to my blog this week and what a great writer she is. Let's start with her bio. I was born and bred within the sound of Stamford Bridge football ground and early experiences in the area have had a significant influence on my writing. My junior school was built on the site of Beatrix Potter’s house in London only a short walk from Brompton Library which I visited on a weekly basis from the age of five, proudly clutching my first library ticket. My main interest is crime fiction but I have really enjoyed writing fairy tales and am currently working on a story for younger children. By the age of ten, I had developed a passion for fantasy an

My review of Karma and the Singing Frogs

I was certainly intrigued by the title, Karma and the Singing Frogs when I bought the book. Carol Westron is a clever crime writer with the way so many characters are introduced and bit by bit integrated into the storyline. The main protagonist, Mia Trent, is a SOCO who really knows her job, yet she cares deeply about those around her. As the story unfolds so does the dark side of life and Mia and her colleagues are thrown into a world of deceit and violence. The pace is fast and I like that. A good and believable read. Carol Westron


This week I received a letter from my doctor which, initially, seemed a bit scary but you'd better read it just in case I've misunderstood. WARNING This is a Health Alert. There is a nasty virus going around. It’s called - Weeding Out Resting Killer - WORK . If you contract WORK you should immediately cease all activities and visit the nearest - Beyond All Reason - BAR. You should imbibe huge quantities of - Almost Limitless Energy - ALE - or With Instant Nervous Effect - WINE. If all else fails try a nice That Effervescent Astonishing - TEA. Please re-post to warn others. You know it makes sense.

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