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FEEDING TIME - A tale with bite

Feeding Time “Look at that one honey, he’s so big.” “Yeah sweetie, they’re bigger than the lions in Florida.” “Their claws are just so big, Forrest, makes me feel right uncomfortable.” “Now don’t you go worrying sugar pops, we’re so safe behind these bars.” *** “Stupid humans. Do they really believe that we’re tame in a safari park, Leo.” “So true, Sheba. I can see the sun shining on your talons and the gleam in your beautiful eyes. The meat will soon be thrown out of the cage so let’s put on a good show.” “Why not, husband. I’ll jump up and hang from the cage.” “And I’ll roar at that spiteful child that keeps throwing peanuts at us.” *** “Mommy, this dang cats got bad breath.” “I know sweet


Yes Indeed, Author - Reader - Together we make a great team. I remember the first time I heard the word – Drabble. It sounded unusual, to say the least, and at first I thought it was a joke. How wrong I was. Drabbles suddenly, and without any feelings for my future writing, leapt into my mind and refused to disappear. I wrote a few, and a few more and within a couple of weeks I was the fish struggling on the end of a large, but very addictive hook. They were so easy to write, or so I thought, yet reality soon hit home after reading great Drabbles from other devotees. I’m a tenacious bugger though and refused to be beaten so I knuckled down and started anew. Any story has a beginning, a middl


What a great pleasure it is to introduce the wonderful Candy Ray, especially as she has only recently commenced writing Drabbles. Let's start with her interesting bio. I grew up in London and moved to the south to study when I was 25. For a long time now I've been living on the south coast with my small family and at the moment I work part time . In 2014 After becoming interested in chaos magic I started to write serious occult fiction: novellas, short stories, flash fiction and the occasional drabble. I keep my identity secret and write under the pen name Candy Ray. My hobbies are visiting parks, beaches and outdoor markets, joining discussions on internet forums, and some reading- thoug

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