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WHY? I am awake! Yet I am not here! Sleep is beckoning me like a moth to a golden flame, and I can taste the call of freedom, as my mind yearns to fly free from my body. Was it only recently that my feelings caressed my soul and heart through throbbing ruby red veins? Are they not the very same feelings that now urge me, to sleep, to slumber, and to dream? Thus I yield! To dream! I so easily succumb, for I know that... I’ll be travelling at the speed of light when I leave this wheelchair.


Philia Tounta, the manageress of the Art Deco Hotel in Kalyves, Crete, gives some excellent advice to all travelers, no matter where you roam. To Travelers: Talk to each other, spend time with your children and play with them, swim, read, and act spontaneously. Talk with the locals as much as possible, instead of listening a tour guide, interact with locals a gesture can be a start for everything!! Avoid stereotyping your travel experience; does it really matter if you don’t see all the sights and miss the tourist gift gimmicks???? Be prepared to feel the historical, social and cultural life instead of emphasizing you have been somewhere by showing the pictures of all the famous places to y

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