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This week, I showcase a Drabble from the lovely, Val Portelli, closely followed by two of mine. CALENDAR FOR WORKING LIFE AND RETIREMENT BY VAL PORTELLI Monday- Back to work, train delays, probably raining. Tuesday -It’s been a long week. Wednesday – Keep your chin up- halfway there. Thursday – Getting closer. Friday – Finish the 9-5, too tired to rock. Saturday – Party time or PJs? Sunday – Day of rest, recovering before starting all over again. Monday- Noise from builders and kids outside. The working week must have begun. Tuesday-. Time to read some Tuesday tales. Wednesday – OAP’s discount day. Thursday- What day is it again? Friday – Good TV night. Saturday -Take-away or out for a meal?

A Tale From The East End Of Old London

A Tale From The East End By Rick Haynes I was a bit Brahms and Listz to be honest. So all I wanted was a Jimmie, but a bit of J Arthur wouldn't go amiss. Then this horse and cart walks into the wrong bog, her raspberry ripples hanging out. I couldn't Adam and Eve it. She had the biggest Bristols I had ever seen and blimey, what a boat race. She gave me such a butchers, took hold of my Chalk Farm and led me into the cubicle. She held my Hampton in a firm grip and blimey what a Donald Duck that was. She had to be a pro. I gave her a poney and she left. I felt in my sky rocket. The bitch was a pro alright, my wallet had gone for a ball and chalk. I was in a right two and eight, screwed by a pro


Another round of jokes to entertain you. I keep asking my husband if he thinks I'm a complete idiot. And he keeps saying, 'no way, there are definitely parts missing.' Trying to explain what happened in the league cup final between manager and goalie proved very difficult. Here is the discussion I had with my wife. “Who was Chelsea’s keeper, she asked?” “Kepa.” “Don’t be silly, what was his name?” “Kepa, his name is Kepa.” “And who is the manager, she demanded?” “Sarri.” “There’s no need to apologise if you don’t know his name, husband.” “No! His name is Sarri, not sorry. “You really should learn to talk slowly. Now, what was the problem with the two of them?” “Sarri wanted to change Kepa f

TUESDAY TALES A Poem from Firle Lewis.

BIO Firle Lewes is a writer and poetician inspired by the notion that life doesn’t necessarily have to make sense, as long as it is fun - and that humour can cast a bright light into even the darkest of life’s shadows. BLEATING HEART - A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing The wolf was struck by cupid’s dart, He couldn’t ‘still’ his beating heart, He was dumb and she was smart, Although, he thought, she’s quite a tart. He tried cross-dressing as a sheep, There was no sign of young Bo Peep, Along the fields he had to creep, The grass was tall, the furrows deep. The fleece was zipped up to his nose, He tip-toed forward on his toes, The lambs were bleating in their rows, He sniffed around and found a

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