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Welcome To My World - Part 2

Welcome To My World - Part 2 Hi everyone, welcome once again to my realm of medieval/epic/heroic fantasy and a bit of fun. Here is the second part - enjoy. 6. Think Beyond The Now. Supposing, just supposing you have this great idea for a tale? As your world develops the number of words increase, more characters are added, and your planned 70k novel is going to be a bit bigger than you thought. Nothing wrong with that, is there? Possibly. I’m stating the obvious, but stay with me. More scenes mean more characters, more action, more dialogue, more description and more planning. It’s all too easy to come unstuck by, a) Bringing in superfluous characters. b) Adding too much description. c) Havin

Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World - Part 1 Hi everyone, welcome to my realm of medieval/epic/heroic fantasy. I noticed a post on social media about authors building a new world for their latest story. With my interest piqued, I thought long and hard about where to start, as ideas are always fluttering away inside my head and much of the hard work is carried out before a word is typed. Here is the first part - enjoy. 1. What World Do You Want To Create? It all seems pretty easy, doesn’t it? You have all these ideas in your head racing around and around like eager puppies, but what next? Maybe a beer, glass of wine or coffee is needed as you sit back and relax? Or perhaps you are fast asleep and the pieces

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