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ASPECTS OF AUTHORS - INTRODUCTION - VAL PORTELLI It is my great pleasure to introduce the thoughts and the working life of Val Portelli. Over to you, Val. This is the first in a new series in which we look at some of the different facets of writing. There are plenty of ‘How To’ books, webinars and blogs available on the mechanics of being an author, but I thought it would be fun to approach the subject from a different angle. If you are a writer, it’s likely you stick to one style or genre, but have you considered the difference in mind-set between say, writing a children’s book and writing erotica? With a dystopian novel, how much is research or history, and how much is imagination? Cosy my


Yes, the spelling is correct. My lovely friend, Val Portelli, suggested I take a short break from writing and go visual instead. To be less authorish, she said, and who am I to argue with a lovely lady? Since we moved into our bungalow, we quickly realised how quiet the neighbourhood was, but was it? The trees rustle seductively in the breeze, the crows fly overhead, cawing loudly, and the dawn chorus is deafening. Only the magnificent, and rare, red kites are silent, circling majestically on the thermals. No matter the time of day, all the birds are constantly calling, singing, and sending out warning cries. Without the sounds of humans, much to our delight, their songs travel far and wide.


It's poetry to entertain you this week. Enjoy. A calves life by Tara Turner It was like a jamboree Except it was not jolly For this is my end And that of my friend We were born together on the same farm But torn from our mothers and put in a barn We did not get to feel the warmth of our mothers love We are the ones to be disposed of We can hear our mothers call The pain of loss hits like a wrecking ball I want the hermit of a farmer To look deep inside and take down his armour We are as delicate as an orchid in the morning sunrise We want to enjoy blue skies We want to live our lives Not come under humans knives We think, we feel, we communicate We don’t deserve to be classed as freight But

National Flash Fiction Day 2020

I was really looking forward to Sunday the 7th of June. Well it was National Flash Fiction Day and I'd sent a tale - under 300 words as per the rules - for submission. With over 1600 entries I had all my fingers and toes crossed. Would my piece be chosen for publishing? Yesterday evening I received an email. My story had been selected and it had been published. National Flash Fiction Day? I love it. And the editors are very nice to converse with via email. Biding Time by Rick Haynes I’m not the home I once was. My slates are cracking my stonework is covered in moss and humans left long ago. How I miss the laughter from the children, the dogs sleeping alongside the warming fire in my main roo


CROSSROADS by Rick Haynes A tale in 4 parts. Part 1 “Wherever you go, there you are, or are you?” A brief flash of anger vanished quicker than I could blink but it didn’t last long. “You may be as gentle as a lamb, and as busy as a bee, yet, do you know where you are going?” Her lips remained closed. “I remember the time we first met. Your mouth tried to open and your body shook when you tried to answer my comment about your beautiful eyes. Like sapphire in an ocean of darkness, I told you. Your perfectly shaped lips had stayed closed, even though I had pushed for an answer. But, I waited, for your brief smile told me to be patient. Was it?” “You are as strong as an ox, yet as slippery as th

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