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THE GABBYGAMIES OF ASHMORE by Rick Haynes Ashmore is a village and civil parish in North Dorset, England. It has a deep pond, an old church and several farms and cottages, many with thatched roofs. These days, it is a quiet place to live but like other ancient villages, it holds many secrets. In the mid-eighteen-hundreds, at a place called Folly Hanging Gate at Washers Pit, it was believed souls of the dead lived in a deep barrow. Local folk would put their ear to the barrow and many swore they could hear the hypnotic sound of strange creatures inside. Some said they were fairies, whilst others believed they were evil spirits. The locals called them, the Gappergenies or Gabbygamies. Ashmore


With the corona virus affecting all of us, I thought a laugh or two would help in these difficult times. With so many options available, one family instantly came to mind. I give you Trotters Independent Traders or T.I.T. for short "Here, what's all this Covert 19 rubbish? The telly is full of, do this, but don't do that. I reckon it's some undercover work by the MOD to scare us. You mark my words Rodney, it's all about control, and sooner or later we'll have to show our passports to get a drink down the pub." "What's wrong with you, Del? People are dying from this, Corona virus." "The only virus I know is the one on my computer. Have you fixed it yet?" "Now don't you start on me, Derek. You


Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m pleased to showcase something different this week, a brief look-back in time when the scenes of war dominated the media. The size of Reading, Camp Bastion is the largest army camp built since the 2nd world War. At the peak of the conflict in Afghanistan, it was home to 30,000 troops. You may recall the requests for goodie bags to be sent to our men and women fighting the Taliban – to give them a lift in such awful conditions. My wife and I were happy to send a parcel and inside, I included my poem. Published for the first time, here it is. BASTION BOYS We saw a message about the boys away. How long to go, how long to stay? With the dust and the heat, and the boot-

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