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Someone Special This Way Comes

Twas the night before Christmas, and all on the farm,

were eating their food, and staying quite calm.

But it changed in a trice, as a star sparkled high,

and with it the laughter, and the promised mince pie.

The cows started playing, the dung ball game,

then the sheep joined in, and followed the same.

The hens were cackling, as they pecked at some bits,

when the sparrows arrived, with the long tailed tits.

The bull snorted loudly, a deep throaty tune,

whilst the others looked up, at the swift fading moon.

The dancing began, as the snowflakes fell,

and the big nanny goat, did ring out her bell.

They frolicked and laughed, as one they did play,

no thoughts of tomorrow, there was only today.

As one they looked up, at a trail way above,

so white it shone, like the wings of a dove.

And then he arrived, all covered in cheer,

it always did happen, at this time of year.

St. Nick with his reindeer, was such good fun,

and they’d party to dawn, and the Christmas day sun.

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