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Meet Natasa and Mixalis

Meet Natasa and Mixalis.

Kalvyes is a working town resting on the southern shores of Souda Bay, on the island of Crete.

There are many tavernas and cafes to choose from, and one we continue to visit year after year.

Api Corno - cafe – pub, call it what you will, is named after an old Venetian castle, Castel Apicorno, which was built around the 13th century and destroyed by the pirate, Barbarossa, in 1538. The ruins, overlooking Kalyves and the huge bay, can still be seen today. Api Corno, is run by Natasha and Michael. From early morning, until, often dawn, they and their helpers offer an all year service. With such high taxation in Crete, how the two of them, or any other business owners, manage to make a living is beyond me.

The smiles are always welcoming, and the coffee, the best I’ve ever tasted. Although some would argue that the Choc Vienoua - chocolate with whipped cream - is just as good.

Some locals know it as, The Party Place, for dancing is inevitable and dancing on the bar, not uncommon. Those working in other tavernas will often arrive at Api Corno after their own work has finished, and that often means, party time. 4am finishes are not unusual.

To us, it’s the place with a warm welcome, no matter the weather. There is always time for funny stories, jokes and a quick chat even when they are busy. It is a place where we know our hosts will always look after us, and if we need help, or advice, it is generously given.

Natasa and Mixalis - pronounced Meekalli - are our friends and we can’t wait until we sit in the sun, share our stories, and once more enjoy life in that little gem of a place that we call...

Happy Corner.

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