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Halloween Horror

“On All Hallows Eve, the world will forever change.”

I think not.

“This isn’t fantasy, it’s a fact, because this year the gates of hell will be opened and the demon spawn will surge forth and destroy us. Too long have they waited in the eternal darkness, but not for much longer, pal.”

One man alone is not responsible for such stupidity.

“Oh yes he is. He’s sitting in a chair with his finger over a red button.”

He’s a human being, not some hideous fiend.

“Now who’s being stupid? At midnight on the 31st of October, he will release all his might and soon after planet Earth will fall into shadow.”

Do you realise that you have a very active and tedious imagination?

“You won’t be laughing on the first day after Halloween. In fact I doubt I will be either.”

And who is this man?

“I’ll give you a clue. He lives in Asia.”

Not Kim, surely he wouldn’t.

“I’ll put money on it. He’s been stockpiling, playing games with the rest of us.”

With most of the world enjoying Halloween, maybe you have a point after all.

“I just knew you’d see sense. We have to retaliate first. Send everything we’ve got and wipe his country off the map.”

I don’t like this you know, but I agree, Donald.

“I knew you’d come around. I’ll send you all the instructions so that we can attack simultaneously. But don’t forget the Ghouls, you’ve not used them so far and they’re more than a match for the demons. Don’t you just love Global Halloween Games, Theresa?”

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