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Some time ago, I was asked to contribute to a scheme highlighting the plight of neglected and abused children in the USA. My Little Runaway immediately jumped into my head for I deplore man’s inhumanity to man and as a father and grandfather, I loathe any cruelty to children.

This tale is in Drabble format which means it is written in exactly 100 words excluding the title.

My Little Runaway is dedicated to all those alone in the dark.

Where are you going to my little runaway?

There’s only pain today.

Is it true you are lost my precious runaway?

Just hunger pangs today.

There’s no one at home who understands you.

So how will you cope in the cold and the dark?

Your world so empty.

Your life so sad.

There are no answers little runaway.

Where will you be sleeping tonight?

There are no sympathies precious runaway.

So how will you feel tonight?

But maybe tomorrow will be brighter.

For maybe your star will shine.

So turn around my little runaway.

Heaven’s too full of your kind.

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