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THE SUN SONG by Rick Haynes

The Sun has got his hat on, yubba dubba do.

The Sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out for you.

If only.

Rainwater is hammering down on the glass roof over the lounge, the birds have vanished, my car won’t start and we are going shopping in my wife’s vehicle.

And to top that, the village lane is full of debris. The grapevine is in full swing and we already know two idiots were racing but are now wishing they hadn't. With the breakdown lorries on their way, as our lane is blocked, that means a long detour of about six miles each way.

Should I be kind to the boy-racers? Should I forgive them for their stupidity? Not a chance in hell, for why should I? The speed limit is 20mph through our cosy village, changing to 30mph once outside. High speeds by cars and vans are a regular occurrence. With so many near misses of vehicles almost hitting pedestrians recently, would this latest incident be called, Karma?

Yes, I do hope the boys are okay but I pray this will be a lesson to other potential racers. The roads are too narrow, the banks are high in places, and there are no pavements, which means anyone walking, alone, or with their dog, their children with pushchairs etc. are taking a risk with every step they take.

Do think about others.

And please, please, please, let me wander along the lanes of our tranquil village without fear.

One day, age will catch up on you, lads.

Lesson learned I hope.

Get well soon boys.


The road is now clear of all debris, the boys are on the way to hospital for a check up and light is spearing through the trees.

The Sun has got his hat on once more.

Yubba Dubba Do


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