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THE VOICES RULE by Cindy Smith

To start a new edition of Tuesday Tales, I am delighted to showcase a great poem from Cindy. I had to read it twice as it is so powerful. Well done, Cindy, this is one of your best so my thanks for allowing me to publish it.

Love and laughter, Rick.


The voices never stop for long

They keep my emotions raw

Unfettered by time

My heart not just on my sleeve

It is held in front of me

A target for any passerby

To see, to hold, to break

Wisdom is still just a word

Age did not bring it closer

It only made me more vulnerable

To feelings

Memories relived

Seem as bright and fresh

As when they were my present

The voices talk


Sharing their version of reality

Their version of truth

I am captive in their realm

A prisoner to their whims

As they toss my heart around

My thoughts and emotions

In perpetual motion

A chaotic maelstrom

My hands mere instruments

Churning out the theories

The mythical concepts

These voices deem important

To provide the world

Believing they are helping

To make it more beautiful

By offering understanding

At all levels

While they destroy the heart

That loves them


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