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Up to the 9th of January 2022, 22 of my stories have been published.

2022 The Closed Door was published by Scribble magazine number 96.

2022 Spectral Morning was published by Black Ink Submissions.

2021 To My Teresa - A Love Letter - was published by Sweetycat press on the 19th of December 2021.

2021 National Flash Fiction Day - The Old House was published on the 27th of June 2021.

2020 Scribble – Sutee was published in the December issue of this prodigious magazine.

2020 National Flash Fiction Prompts – Biding Time

2019 Chania Post – No Rabbits Will Be Eaten Today

2019 Star and Crescent – Pain Is My Nemesis

2018 Chania Post – Money Talks

2018 Chania Post – Skerry

2018 Chania Post – Perverse Pooch- Parts 1 And 2

2018 The Chania Post – He Wood She Wood – Greek Mythology

2018 Chania Post - A Velvet Touch – Greek Mythology

2018 The Wand Of Luminance - Raven Williams Anthology.

2017 Chania Post - Sid’s Place

2017 Portsmouth News - Sid’s Place

2017 Portsmouth News - Chips Seagulls and Dracula

2016 Scribble magazine- Nowhere to run – Nowhere to hide

2016 Scribble magazine- Take Off In Style

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