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When the gods sleep their children play. Titian, seeks chaos, whilst his sister, Jade, seeks harmony. In the lands of Cpin, the Tormented King is determined to destroy all those that stand in his way. Without help from the Maxilla clan and the mysterious souls, the realm of Cpin will cease to exist. Yet the souls are masters of obfuscation and distrust between allies spreads like a cancer.

Can Tarn and his small band stand before the mighty army surrounding them, or will Titian rejoice as the world of humans falls inexorably into darkness?

Sigbjorn knew Father Coleth would declare him an outcast and order his death. As he desperately rides away into a world beyond his imagination fear threatens to engulf him.

Into a maelstrom of betrayal comes two men. Evangr and Vrai are sworn to the evil Lord Uddi. But like Sigbjorn, they seek freedom and a place to call home. Entering the realm of Humli the three warriors are unaware of the growing menace.

With the vile Guths threatening to align themselves with the mysterious giants, only a tidal wave of hero’s blood can prevent the carnage.

Outcast is another battle charged fantasy novel from the author of Evil Never Dies and Heroes Never Fade.

With another war looming can the love of nations, brothers-in-arms,

and families, unite once more to fight the peril from the north and save

the Maxilla? Grona hates everyone, especially his son, Tarn, yet both

are destined to stand before the gates of Hell. Can they put aside their

pride and ensure the survival of all that they hold dear, or will the gods

intervene for their own perverse pleasure?

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The people of Crete can be abrupt, shout loudly and gesticulate wildly but you simply need to look beyond their mannerisms, for you will find a race ready to oblige, are polite, honest and their excellent cooking is probably the most underrated in the world. The local grapes are used to make excellent white wines, and with few additives, it’s a little difficult to incur a nasty hangover the next morning, unless you imbibe a few too many glasses of the local firewater, known locally as Raki. My observations have been based on everything from the unbelievable to the unimaginable, thus my crazy tales needed a crazy name. The alliteration in the title seemed apt for this collection, as it is indeed, a selection box of bite-sized treats. I have split the collection into two parts, entitled My Stories and Their Stories. The first, deals, to a degree, with my own experiences. The second looks at the amazing characters that leap out from around every street corner, every taverna, and on every journey. Everyone has a tale to tell. So sit back, put your feet up, open your box of chocolates and nibble away.

It is a beautiful heart-warming tale of hope overcoming despair. It is founded on the idea of karma. In life, we get what we deserve. It is a powerful and yet subtle tale that resonates within my soul. It is an ideal novel for snuggling around a fire and reading aloud with the family. Its message can be understood by young and old alike. I suspect that hidden within this book you may find a little magic dust. Perhaps you will also be touched by it.




 Welcome to my world of Drabbles and Short Stories. 


 With its diverse range of genres, my anthology of short

fiction is certain to entertain you. 

 Some will make you smile!

 Some will make you sad! 

 Some will make you think!

 Some will make you blink!

 But all will keep you interested, for there is something for everyone!

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