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March 31, 2020

I am delighted to showcase the work of a highly talented author this week. so read on and find out a bit more. I'd also like to point out she is generously giving away a book, yes, it's a freebie. So read on.

About the author: Victoria Price

Victoria lives in leafy Surre...

Go tell the Spartans, passerby.

That here, by Spartan law, we lie.

Those words on the plaque near the Hot Gates at Thermopylae have always intrigued me. And it was years before I understood the true meaning.

With the Spartans attempting to thwart the mighty Persian army...

March 23, 2020

This week, I showcase the work of the wonderful, Val Portelli. Her writing is excellent, her humour, legendary. 


Singing for my supper.

Have you ever heard a few bars of a song from your childhood, and immediately had memories come flooding back? I was lucky enough...

March 16, 2020


by Rick Haynes

The Coronavirus sweeping across our wonderful blue planet has already taken the lives of so many innocent people. Rich or poor, the old, or those with underlying health conditions, the virus doesn’t choos...

March 9, 2020

With so many people helping me over the years, the task of finding an outstanding individual is difficult.

But let me start in the sixties.

Dragging me, literally by the scruff of my neck, my teachers at the local grammar school pushed me hard. I thank them.

On leaving sc...

March 2, 2020

by Rick Haynes

An intro, a question and an offer.

With the number of hits on my blog steadily increasing - over 500 hundred in the last five weeks - I would like to say a big thank you for your wonderful support. It really does make my day when I see the hit counter risi...

February 24, 2020

The Sea Giveth by Rick Haynes

The moon hung languorously in a dark blue sky.

The wind disappearing in an instant as the huge ship rode the swell, seemingly eager to beach on the sand.

 Arms were stretched horizontally, expectantly. Excited cries echoed from many mouths an...

February 17, 2020

This week, I showcase a tale from the lovely Caroline Knight. And here is her blurb.

I am a very amateur dabbler in writing, silver-smithing and painting all of which I started once I retired after 35 years working in the NHS. I also did an English degree as a mature st...

February 10, 2020

Using Colour In Prose by Rick Haynes

My local writing group held a session on how colour can set a scene, show the mood of the protagonist, give an image to the reader, and even suggest what could happen next.

It was an interesting meeting and the members, including myse...

February 4, 2020

As I was sitting comfortably with an ice-cold beer in my hand, I watched the sun gently subside over the endless horizon. I was thinking of a title for a new book.

‘Dreams over the rainbow.’

‘Golden orb above the clouds.’

‘The not so blue sky.’

It was hopeless. My brain ap...

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March 23, 2020