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Halloween Horror

Humour differs from one person to another but with these characters, you're guaranteed a smile with the irony of the situation. Do let me know what you think. The Ultimate Halloween Horror by Rick Haynes “On All Hallows Eve, a man will change our world forever. My aides have told me and usually they are right. And if they don’t, well, it’s easy to put a boot up their ass or fire them.” “I think you jest. The doubters, the doomsters, the gloomsters, they’ve had their say and they’ve all been wrong.” “So far. But, I’ve got some lovely people working on this. They’re good. This isn’t fantasy, it’s a fact, because this year the gates of hell will be opened and the demon spawn will surge forth an


The Food Bar by Rick Haynes There is a mass of little stones underneath the holly and creeper hedge. What’s underneath? Apart from a thick woven blanket of some resilient material, I have no idea as the concrete below the fabric, although cracked in several places, has been there for some time. I spread suet pieces in various sizes over the stones and the torn material. I call it, the food bar. The larger bits attract the blackbirds, the odd thrush and the bossy robins. And the shy dunnocks, a pair of wrens and the noisy sparrows quarrel over the smaller pieces. It is so lovely to watch the squabbles, the sneaking amongst the foliage and the daring of so many birds. But every tale does not h

OUT OF TIME - Part 2

OUT OF TIME - Part 2 by Rick Haynes The blue above quickly disappeared as a swirling mass of grey flecked clouds surged across a black sky. A flash of intense whiteness turned the dark briefly to daylight before the shadows quickly returned. Celena cowered to the earth as the three sisters chanted loudly. Their singing seemed pointless, yet when they ceased only a gentle breeze remained. “Tell me again what I must do.” Celena shook as she spoke. “Come with me child and I’ll show you something to ease your fear.” Hera held out her hand and as Celena made contact the thrill of ecstatic power surged through her body. “What was that?” “Your new beginning.” Time stopped. Quiet prevailed. Energy


OUT OF TIME - Part 1 The minutes are slowly passing. The girl is constantly watching. The horned beast is quietly salivating. The mist clears. The girl screams. The beast roars. “Are you ready to play my children?” The God of the Underworld, Hades, speaks softly. “Hide and seek is so much fun when a vile creature and a fragile human play. The beast finds the girl and lives, or if it fails, the girl lives but the dragon starves.” Hades leads the dragon to the north entrance of the maze. He orders it to sit and wait. Spinning around he disappears before instantly appearing beside the girl sitting on a bench at the southern entrance. “Take your time, Celena. He is slow, cumbersome and with hi


The long version. Dentists? With an extraction looming, the pain would be severe. I hate them. “Mr Smith.” I also hate the mechanical voice on speaker systems. I entered the mysterious inner sanctum, sat down, filled in a medical history form, and waited. The backs of three people, all dressed in a nice shade of jade, greeted me. No one moved. All was quiet. I'd never ventured into a morgue before. The nurse slowly turned her head. Lying on the couch and seeing such a visage of menace, I shuddered. My hands were shaking as I looked at the white mask covering most of her face. Only her eyes were showing. Dark grey, red-rimmed and empty they were scanning me up and down. Bile ignored gravity a

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