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The Battle Of The Sexes - Tuesday Tales

I am very grateful to all my readers and always look forward to your comments. It takes many hours to write suitable material, or to ask other authors to contribute and put everything into a post. Comments are vital to any author but unfortunately numbers are dropping. Without your continued support writers will look at other ways to showcase their work. I'll continue to post Tuesday Tales for as long as I can and with your help it will continue. Do remember there are few ways readers can receive regular stories where there is no hidden selling or sharing data, and where all the tales are free. Why not join my mailing list and share this post with friends? Every little helps. I'd appreciate

Peek Through the Windows

This week, I am delighted to showcase the work of a highly talented lady from the USA. Erika is an award winning writer of historical fantasy, suspense, short stories, and children's books. When asked, 'why do you write?' Her response is instant. 'Because I dance to my own tunes and follow my dreams.' PEEK THROUGH the WINDOWS by Erika M Szabo Thanksgiving is not here yet but coming soon with noisy family dinners, and we all think sometimes: why can't I have a perfect family like other people? You might wish not to have to listen to uncle Joe's old jokes the 28th times or flip through aunt Betty's photo album and assure her that she was a beautiful young girl 60 years ago. Or listen to aunt

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