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No Rabbit Will Be Eaten Today by Rick Haynes This tale was published in the June issue - 2019 - of The Chania Post. I looked out from my burrow. The scent of fresh greenery wafted into my nostrils and I salivated. Yet, another stronger scent arrived and automatically I stepped back. Not again. Why are humans so smelly? My faeces are small, harden quickly, and leave barely a trace of my scent. Human muck attracts loads of flies in summer and really stinks. I lifted my head up. Deciding which way the stench was coming from, I ran off in the opposite direction. Not far away, the grass was wet and juicy. It was nice but only a taster for the main course a hop and a jump away. Seeing that my rece


TUESDAY TALES I never knew moving was so stressful these days, but hey-ho that's life. Thank you so much for your support. Your messages, comments and suggestions have helped enormously. Do keep them coming. Tuesday Tales will return tomorrow, initially fortnightly, and then I'll see how it goes. I'm happy to post any tales, poems and non-fiction you may wish to submit, subject to content. But I'm sure you all know what is acceptable and what isn't. Please let me know your preferences. Feel free to ask questions. Anything else, please ask. I'll always respond. Eventually Mister Fawlty. P.S. Does anyone fancy a competition?

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