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CHRISTMAS CAROLS WITH GRAN 2nd edition by Rick Haynes I need to talk with mum, but she is always off somewhere, helping others. Since dad died from prostate cancer three years ago, I guess she has to keep herself busy, but I miss him too. I hear the call for breakfast and rush downstairs before mum can button up her thick parka jacket and leave. I want to talk nicely, but I can’t stop myself as I spit the words out like machine gun bullets. “Gran wants me to sing at her Christmas party and I don’t want to do it.” “What’s wrong with that, Thomas? You’ve got a great voice.” I know she loves me and always tries her best, but the hardness in my voice refuses to abate. “So what? I sing Indie Roc

The Filament Beyond

The Filament Beyond by Rick Haynes “I have no light and thus, no energy. Without the warmth of my light bulb, my body shivers and my eyes hurt as I peer into dullness. And so it is time to move on.” “Why do you do this my little fairy? Am I so hurtful? I know you are gentle, softer than any other magical creature in our unseeing land. But surely you know I would never hurt you. Don’t you?” I knew Sophia meant well, but, like so many children before her, she is confused and worried. Knowing a magical fairy lived in her bedroom light-bulb gave her great comfort over the years. But now her body is quickly changing; she is nearing womanhood and her feelings are easily muddled. “You have always


Christmas Rush For Santa by Rick Haynes The weathered chair rocked back and forth; the legs hitting the wooden floor in a steady beat. With his long white beard, red coloured tunic and trousers, the old one frowned. There was so much to do and so little time. As usual, the elves had decided to play games a week before Christmas Eve. Playing hide and seek had always been their favourite pass time, but not this year. Using their magic, the elves had vanished. The toy factory stood idle, the golden dust sparkled, waiting to be released to all the children on Earth. Running his hands through his beard gave Santa time to think. He had always found a solution to the annual problem but this year wa

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