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The Filament Beyond

The Filament Beyond by Rick Haynes

“I have no light and thus, no energy. Without the warmth of my light bulb, my body shivers and my eyes hurt as I peer into dullness. And so it is time to move on.”

“Why do you do this my little fairy? Am I so hurtful? I know you are gentle, softer than any other magical creature in our unseeing land. But surely you know I would never hurt you. Don’t you?”

I knew Sophia meant well, but, like so many children before her, she is confused and worried. Knowing a magical fairy lived in her bedroom light-bulb gave her great comfort over the years. But now her body is quickly changing; she is nearing womanhood and her feelings are easily muddled.

“You have always believed in fairies, Sophia, yet your actions are those of an adult now. It is the curse of all children on planet blue. They grow up and so have you.”

“I’m sorry, truly, I am. It was only a little fun, a joke, no harm done was there?”

“Even your words are cruel these days for you only think of yourself. You have no comprehension of the pain I have endured.”

“What pain? You always glowed when I flicked the switch.”

“Of course I glowed. It is my duty to brighten your childhood, to bring light where darkness could prevail. But in a fit of temper, you constantly flashed the light switch on and off. Destroying the filament destroyed my home as I told you it would. It was a spiteful act and one I cannot condone. Thus, I cannot help you anymore. I must return to the land of all fairies.”

“It was only a light bulb, an old bulb so dull I couldn’t read in bed.”

Once more she only thinks of herself. I have tried to help her through puberty yet now she discards everything I have taught her. Helping others, being polite, thinking before acting, all my teachings have failed. Her selfish attitude is common in adolescents, so my fairy sisters tell me. Now, I must strike a new path.

“The bulb was old, yet it was to be my home on Earth until you became a young woman. That time has come. I have carried out my promise when we first met. It was your fifth birthday and I have protected you ever since. Now, I can do no more. The filament of my life is dead and now my time with you is over.”

“No! I’ll get you another bulb, a bigger better bulb. I’ll go to the shop now. Please wait, I beg you.”

I can feel the pull on my body, my wings are fluttering and soon I will fly back to my kin in the heavens above. I have done all I can to guide a young girl into a bright future of love and kindness. Sadly, this time, I have failed.

“Goodbye, Sophia. I hope you will listen to your heart now.”

I saw her face wet with tears as I faded into the dark skies.

I sighed as I flew ever higher.

My time will now be spent with my sisters but soon, I will return to help another girl child on the road to enlightenment. It’s such a shame human girls grow up and leave behind a dream world beyond their fading imagination.

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