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1. Yesterday is definitely gone and tomorrow never comes. So why not start at Christmas time and have a great today, and every single day for the rest of your life?

2. If you have Christmas in your heart you’ll put Christmas in the air

3. Christmas Day can hold all time together, when you’ve with your family.

4. It is the one season when we can put away our fears, rekindle our childhood and have FUN!

5. Nothing shouts Christmas like a big turkey.

6. Christmas is the time when kids tell Santa what they want and their parents pay for it.

7. At the Christmas party, you might get away with naked photos from the photocopier, but the shredder?

8. If Christmas didn’t exist, the big stores would probably invent it.

9. I’ve got a mind to give up living, yep, and go Christmas shopping instead.

10. Dreaming of a white Christmas always leaves you in the RED!

11. If you hear no evil and speak no evil, the Christmas Party will be poo.

12. There’s a new Christmas club this year. You can save, to pay for last year’s presents.

13. All roads lead home at Christmas.

14. Why is it that no matter how you stored last year’s Christmas lights, they always emerge in a tangled knot this time?

15. The best Christmas decorations are the smiles from your family.

16. Christmas spreads magical dust all over the world. Even the cynical sit up and take a little notice.

17. When the Christmas snow falls in your garden, you can almost believe in the magic.

18. Would Santa be so happy if he didn’t know where the naughty girls lived?

19. Small gifts given with love are more precious than expensive ones given without.

20. As women rule the world, make them feel extra special at Christmas. They have long memories if you don’t.

21. Santa Claus has to be a man. No woman would ever wear the same red and white outfit year after year.

22. Families at Christmas are like fudge, mostly sweet, with a few nuts.

23. Keep the urge as you age. Always throw a snowball.

24. The worst thing about being an adult is not being a child at Christmas.

25. Happy Christmas one and all.

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