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MR. NO-IT ALL by Rick Haynes When I was a young teenager, I had blond hair and wore shorts in the summer. My hair was short and curly and I thought I knew everything. In my twenties, I had longer hair, longer trousers, and strongly believed I knew absolutely everything. As I aged, my hair thinned, I covered myself with the nearest trousers in the wardrobe, and finally realised I knew little at all. That is my life, so far. But my story doesn’t end here for there is one constant that has carried me through the good times as well as the bad. Humour has always paid me a visit when I was down, fed-up, climbing walls or thoroughly miserable. Laughter truly is the best medicine in the world. So wh


Dream On by Rick Haynes I never remember my dreams but tonight, everything changed. Lying in a room with a fan overhead told me I was somewhere hot. But the silence confused me as even the spinning fan above my bed was noiseless. I tried to shake off the blankets and leave this bed of confinement but no matter how hard I tugged, the thick covering refused to budge. I could feel sweat oozing from my open pores. My back was soaked, drips were running down my face and I could smell my fear. It stank like an open sewer running with effluent. My brain was urging me to move, to do something, anything, to release me from my dream. Should I continue to fight or give in to the inevitable? I chose the

A Bit Fishy

A BIT FISHY by Rick Haynes - based on our true story My wife and I thought hard. After so many months cooped up in our nice comfortable prison, dare we leave? But the rays from the sky were sending warmth, giving the prospect of new life to old bones. And after much discussion about the safety aspects, we agreed to depart our sanctuary. For an hour or so, we would take our first trip back to reality, whatever that was. Now for the checklist. Face masks? Check. Sanitiser? Check. Gloves? Check, but did we need gloves? Medical kit? Check. Blanket? Check. Jackets? In case we felt cold, check. Taking a drive through the roads of our virus-ridden country was never on any previous menu, but times


TAKE NOTICE by Rick Haynes I notice the notice has not been noticed by as many people as we thought. Thus, I give notice to cancel the notification due to the apathy shown by those passing by and not taking any notice of the large notice on our billboard. I expect you all to - Take Notice - for this was inspired by apathy and much laughter. All comments, additions and suggestions welcomed. So come on folks, join in and have a bit of fun. Lets see your short tale based on alliteration and humour.

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