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Crossroads parts 1 and 2

Hello everyone. I hope you are well. What started out as a short tale has quickly evolved into a longer piece. Why, I hear you say? After writing the first part, many readers have commented on the cliff hanger at the end. 'We want to know more,' they said. And as their words appeared on my screen, I knew my readers were right. I listened. But whilst this short story will close after four parts, the tale may carry on because in my head I can see the potential for a novella. Harold and Mary have a long road to travel and perhaps I'll go along to keep them company. Thank you so much for your support. P.S. Do tell your friends these tales are free and if they want to receive my stories, it's si


Regrettably, I am unable to post the second part of The Crossroads Of No Return this week. Why? Well the story line is growing with every sentence I write and I know you're going to love it much better when it's finished. Normal service will be resumed next week but in the meantime here is a short story for your kind attention. Enjoy. PLAYMATES by Rick Haynes I was standing in the Horse and Jockey pub sipping away on a fresh pint of ale whilst looking at one of the large television screens dotted around the main bar area. I winced as yet another player decided that an elbow in the face was the new way of tackling an opponent. Still, it was only a Manchester derby so why should I care. “Hello


As is often the case these days, my brain does the wandering, and, eventually, I dabble in the words appearing inside my head. For some unknown reason, my silent voice was very insistent this time. I had to write a tale using as many metaphors as possible. Finding a title? That was easy. I called it - Metaphor Overkill. I finished my tale but it didn’t flow very well and the title wasn't suitable anymore. The remedy? I gradually reduced the number of metaphors as the tale progressed, changed the title, and here is the first part of, potentially, a story in three parts. Part 1 The Crossroads of No return by Rick Haynes “Wherever you go, there you are, or are you?” A brief flash of anger vanis

At War and Peace

Hello you lovely people. I do hope you are keeping fit and healthy in these difficult times. I'm pleased to present two Drabbles, or, if you prefer, a Drabble in two parts. Are the dark gods responsible for the fate of mankind? Or will the love of our revered gods save us from self-destruction? AT WAR I espied my feeble subjects far below. Looking through the mists of time, little had changed as man continued his relentless persecution. From the beginning, they had sought to conquer and rule. Countless innocents had died. Men, women, even babies had been sacrificed on the altar of eternal power. And now my son has grown too powerful, too ambitious. If the God of War prevails, Earth will slow

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