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It's not often I have to take an early morning winter drive in the country. It's either wet, windy, very cold, icy, snowing or a combination of all four. And of course, without any street lamps, it's dark and miserable. All I want to do is turn over and stay in my warm bed. And when there is no other option, I moan like hell and delay my departure as long as possible. Bring me sunshine every day is my motto. Knowing the night before about my next safari into the gloom of misery, I had no chance of a restful sleep and lost count of the number of times I awoke in my cold bedroom. And when the alarm threatened to destroy my hearing, I felt as limp and disconsolate as a man walking towards the g


WHO? A Drabble by Rick Haynes “I am, the man with a plan; who are you?” “I don’t know. Who am I?” “If you don’t know your name, how can I help?” “Wait, the name Descartes is inside my head.” “And.” “My brain is like a swirling wind, a maelstrom of noise and darkness.” “Looking forward is the only way to survive in your sea of uncertainty. But if you cannot find the way, your soul will wander for all eternity.” “I see words inside my head, ‘Cogito ergo sum,’ what do they mean?” “I think, therefore I am." "Welcome to the land of the living.”

The Fairy Godmothers' Retiring Room

This week, I am delighted to showcase the work of Rosemary Dight. And here is her bio. I grew up in Greater London near Twickenham Rugby Ground. Single mum of two children, I retrained as a teacher. After 22 years with very small children I took early retirement and travelled extensively. I enrolled in a creative writing course five or six years ago and have enjoyed exploring my imagination ever since. The Fairy Godmothers' Retiring Room by Rosemary Dight Celestine flew wearily towards the Castle of Dreams. Circling her personal turret, she drifted down to the central courtyard and landed in front of the door to the Godmothers Retiring Room. It was opened by Alexander, the Major Domo. He bo

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