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Giggles guaranteed from Rick Haynes


You know it makes sense

Please don’t handle the fruit. Just ask for Dolly.

Please do not use the lift when it isn’t working.

All fire extinguishers must be tested one week before any fire.

Don’t use it whilst asleep.

Visitors? Husbands only. One per patient.

Fits one head. On a hotel shower cap.

Warning. Contains nuts. On a bag of peanuts.

May be harmful if swallowed. On a box of hammers.

The toilet is out of order. Please use the floor below.

Dangerous drugs must be locked up with Matron. In a hospital.

No dumping. Trespassers will be violated.

Try our sausages. None like them.


If you like this selection.

Do let me know.

Simply leave a comment.

Ta, muchly.


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