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A GOOD HOLD by Rick Haynes Here we all are, playing the same old waiting game. My mistress, the three children, the luggage and me, waiting, always waiting for something, and this time it’s the car to take us to the station. My mistress couldn’t even organise herself let alone the rest of us. The car isn’t due for another ten minutes but here we stand outside the house, waiting. Why am I stuck, once again, under her arm? My stomach aches and her firm grip always manages to squeeze my nuts. Still, I’d better not complain as the last time I did she dragged me to that nasty bastard reeking of Chlorodyne. Calls himself a vet but I had my doubts straight away. But at least he told her that my c


A trance track written by my son, Ryan, especially for me on Father's day. I love trance music and this one, is, naturally, very special. You can watch it here. Thank you, son. He is willing to make personal videos so let me know if you are interested.


ALWAYS AT PEACE by Rick Haynes For Teresa Holding hands, we stood spellbound as we watched the stars way above in the heavenly black. The bright sparkles appeared to be looking down on us as if the majestic gods were riding their chariots across the universe. Dreams were like this, yet, this was no dream. She turned her head, smiled and whispered in my ear. With my heart beating faster I drew her into my arms and gently kissed her forehead. Her wish for everlasting love and togetherness was my wish. And as I looked into her orbs of wonderment, I shuddered. Her hand tightened on mine and as usual, I sunk into her smile. The gods may rule above but the love we share is beyond their understandi


A CALL OF CROWS by Rick Haynes Swirling in the wind and rising with the thermals, the flock almost turned the sky black, so many were their number. Only a passing buzzard dare fly into their territory and even the advantage of size counted for nothing as the crows took turns to mob the intruder. Darkening skies from the west announced the coming of bad weather yet those few birds on the ground looked upwards with a casual acceptance. If the storm proved to be violent they could finish their work later. But for now, the flying host remembered the teachings of their parents and continued to circle on the thermals, their keen eyes missing nothing on the land below. Being in the right place at

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