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TAP! TAP! by Rick Haynes The floorboards creaked as if someone was walking across the room. Ellie sat up in bed, her eyes as wide as saucers. Tap! Tap! She turned on the light and saw – nothing. Tap! Tap! She looked under the bed and in the wardrobe – nothing. Tap! Tap! Her eyes welled up. She tried to call mummy but only a strangled sob escaped from her lips. As she looked at her image in the mirror, the face of a clown appeared. Her body shook uncontrollably as a spell of terror held her in a tight embrace. Tears fell, her hands shook and her body trembled but finally, Ellie found her voice. Her scream cracked the glass leaving fragments on the smooth carpet. Without thinking, she ran to t

The Three - Rocking - Little Piggies

Once upon a time, three little pigs lived in a world of happiness. Alas, their parents were not so happy. They regretted buying the piglets a complete rock orchestra set. The twin guitars were melodic enough but their youngest piglet drove them out of the house with his constant banging on the drums. It was time for them to move and find their way in the big wide world. Mummy Pig inhaled deeply, crossed her fingers and spoke slowly. “It is time for you to leave the family Pig-Pen. The world of rock and roll is yours for the taking. Knock them dead and come home as the greatest Pig band ever. And remember, be careful of the big bad wolf.” I hope they improve, she thought. Daddy Pig stayed sil


This week, I'm delighted to showcase two disparate Drabbles for you. I hope you enjoy my pieces of flash fiction. A NEW BEGINNING The fairy smiled like a sun-kissed buttercup covered in dew drops. Her hair flowed around her body as she danced in the lowest branches of the weeping willow. The mists of time needed to move on, to leave the snow and cold behind. Singing softly into the gentle breeze her message of love would carry over the meadows and woods. The land would need to change and only she had the power. She raised her arms. “The dark days are no more. I command you all to embrace the coming of new life and new growth, for spring has come.” HIGH TIDE Foamy waves crashed into the rocks


THE FOOD BAR PART 2 My, soon to be, ex-wife, Lilly, arrived, demanded I agree to give her more money, and walked off when I told her to rot in hell. The sounds of her slamming the car door and driving off with her new, but old, man, was music to my ears. Gold-digger she is, so good luck mate, she’s all yours. It would be dark soon but I couldn’t wait until the morning. Picking up a couple of cold chisels, a large and a small hammer, a rake, spade and a powerful torch. I walked back to the food bar. Shovelling the shingle and the bit of grass away was easy, cutting the fabric wasn’t as I’d forgotten the small garden shears. Eventually I found them on a shelf in the garage and recommenced my j

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