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This week, I'm delighted to showcase two disparate Drabbles for you. I hope you enjoy my pieces of flash fiction.


The fairy smiled like a sun-kissed buttercup covered in dew drops. Her hair flowed around her body as she danced in the lowest branches of the weeping willow.

The mists of time needed to move on, to leave the snow and cold behind.

Singing softly into the gentle breeze her message of love would carry over the meadows and woods. The land would need to change and only she had the power.

She raised her arms.

“The dark days are no more. I command you all to embrace the coming of new life and new growth, for spring has come.”


Foamy waves crashed into the rocks, spewing forth seaweed and debris. The sailor, sole survivor from the wreck, nursed countless bruises as he pulled his worn out body over the rocks.

Only the gods knew why he had survived when his shipmates had perished in the storm.

Settling himself under the cliffs, he took in the water mark. Once the tide ebbed he could crawl around the headland. Home beckoned. He closed his eyes.

A rumble like the sound of thunder caused him to search the dark skies, but all he saw was the rock face rushing to embrace him.

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