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rikki - Arsenal players Nicknames

Tony Adams: Tone, Ooh-ooh, Rodders, Captain Fantastic/Marvel, Big Tone/Big T, donkey, Rocky*, Bag of Spanners, Jimmy Nail, Mr Arsenal

Nicolas Anelka: Horse-face, Ankle-biter*, Lazy-horse, shergar, trigger, dobbin etc, not applicable (initials), sulky

George Armstrong: Geordie

Vince Bartram: Clown Prince*

Dennis Bergkamp: The Menace, Iceman, God, Beavis, Non-flying Dutchman.

Luis Boa Morte: Ian Wright, Snake Bite*, WWW2*, Rubber Legs*, Boa constrictor*, Killer*, Spider Man*

Steve Bould: Bouldy, Uncle (-Bouldy), BaldySteve Bould

Liam Brady: Chippy

Giovanni van Bronckhorst Bronco van Geoffhurst, Bronco

Kevin Campbell: Sooouper Kev

Paul Dickov: Bobbit

Lee Dixon: Dixie, Dicko, Scoop, Leebo

George Graham: Stroller, Agent George

Gilles Grimandi: Le GG*, Grimy, Coco, Wonder Goat, Grimy, Grimster

Perry Groves: El Pel, Gingy

Vic Groves: Granny

John Hartson: Gingy, Johnny Carthorse

Thierry Henry: Titi, Tel

Junichi Inamoto: Ina

Nwankwo Kanu: King

Martin Keown: Boom-boom, Plug, Snowy, Doris

Lauren: Ralfie

John Lukic: Blind John, TVL*, Laccy

Fredrick Ljungberg: Sid

Oleg Luzhny: The Moose, The Horse (erroneous translation of the Ukrainian)

Alex Manninger: Stretch

Billy McCullough: Flint

Alberto Mendez: O'Mendez*, the Wriggler*

David O Leary: Spider (long legs)

Marc Overmars: Marco, Marcy Marc, Flying Dutchman, Overdrive*, Quickfoot*, Overmoon*, Meep meep / Miep miep, MarsBar, Overmarsbar*, Ovies*, Overcutsin*.

Ray Parlour: Razor, Pizza, Shirley (Temple), Poodle*, Romford, Ricky,Radar, Ooh ahh*, Stingray, Reep, Uneasy Ray, Nurse*, Nursey*, Massage, Taxi

Emmanuel Petit: Manu, Manny, Little Manny, Manly, Reety*, Porno

Robert Pires: Bob

David Platt: Splatt, platt-head, Plattypuss, Dolly*,Platt-eh (northern accent)

Don Roper: Granny

David Seaman: Spunky, H, Harry, Seamo

Silvinho: Silvie

Peter Simpson: Stan (as in Laurel)

Alan Smith: Smudger

Peter Storey: Snout

Patrick Vieira: Paddy, Paddy longlegs, Inspector Gadget, Giraffe Legs, What (because he was bad on english and always answering "what")Demo(lition) man

Arsene Wenger: Le Boss

Chris Whyte: Black Spider, Huggy Bear (character in Starsky & Hutch)

Nigel Winterburn: Nutty, Peggy, Onefoot

Christophe Wreh: Crest*, Ted*, Johnny*, X*, Sting*, Gamma*

Ian_Wright: Wrighty, WWW*, Satchmo, PeleIan_Wright




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