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Hampshire County Council asked me to run a Drabble workshop in April 2016 as part of the 400 year celebrations for William Shakespeare. The quality of the few attendees was amazing when I saw their work. Describing a Shakespeare play in exactly 100 words would test the patience of anyone yet their efforts did the Bard proud. Here is my humble offering.

The Trouble With Words

“Those witches should be killed,” King Duncan said. “They should be back outside not trying to hurt everyone at court.”

“But sire, they aren’t doing any harm.” Macbeth countered.

“I spit on the prophecy, but you cannot be King, ever.”

Yet in the morning the King was dead, Macduff was prophesied to murder Macbeth, and soon the Lady Macbeth would commit suicide,

Macbeth lay broken before Macduff.

“Why did he hate my dogs so much,” he whined as the sword swung.

“Are you deaf Macbeth? He said to kill witches, not bitches, for he knew that their prophecies were lies.”

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