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Here is a snippet from my 2nd novel Heroes Never Fade which is currently being formatted by my editor. After the first book, my readers told me that the main evil protagonist wasn't vile enough. I wasn't sure, but I doubt they will say that this time.

THE NOON START TIME had passed, yet still the Tormented King had failed to appear. In fear of their lives those closest faced an agonising decision – wake up the king and risk death, or fail to wake him and risk the same fate. They had chosen the latter option and tried to hide. The initial parade had long since disbanded with the retainers and auxiliary staff returning inside from the hot sun. Only the warriors remained. Stiff, upright and weary they stood in line and waited. A scream rent the air as King Jarl stood on the balcony. In his right hand he brandished a broadsword and, in his left, the bloody head of his chief adviser. He threw the head over the balcony and withdrew from sight. As the news of the king’s awakening spread, men frantically called to each other to return to their lines. As more and more rushed into the bailey, many severed heads were thrown from above. Those below shook with terror. The Tormented King reappeared above, his new adviser waving for silence. “We are late. You are late. Those closest to me have failed and have now paid the price. Tomorrow we start again. Do not irritate me this time. As a reminder, I will leave you with something to think about.” The main gates to the inner bailey opened. King Jarl’s chosen soldiers, the Grey Wyots, marched out dragging twenty men and twenty women with chained feet

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