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Wow! What A 5 Star Review for Heroes Never Fade.

Thank you so much, Frances and Paul for your wonderful review on Amazon.

And here it is folks.

I have just finished reading this author’s second book in the Maxilla trilogy, Heroes Never Fade (Part 3, Magic Never Ends, is eagerly awaited in 2018). Rick Haynes’s descriptive skills are first class and the presentation is very polished. An enormous amount of work has gone into maintaining the credence of the characters in their medieval fantasy world and he has played to his strengths in the battle scenes. I can only compare it to packing all your things into a suitcase to go on holiday and having to sit on the lid to get it shut - it is so crammed with action. The villain of the piece, the Tormented King, was sufficiently nasty, bouncing in and out of rationality. Along the way, there was such a wealth of characters deftly penned into every chapter that, at times, it was hard to keep up as they all galloped at a hearty pace towards the final conflict. This is one author that is never going to fade!

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