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Fluffy white paraded before vivid blue high above. Rays of gold sparkled in the clear water as it fell from the watering can.

Daisy screamed with excitement as the waterfall washed over her body, leaving large goose bumps behind. She loved the thrill; just thinking about it made her squeal. Her father had filled the large watering can and simply hung it from the lowest branch of the oak tree. Filling the old bath with water had taken a bit longer, but Daisy didn’t mind, she liked the anticipation. Once her father had attached the smelly rope to the can, all she had to do was pull.

“Daddy, this waters freezing.”

“Don’t be such a wimp, I warmed it up.”

“And there’s a gigantic hairy spider on the top, Daddy.”

She tried to swish Mrs Hairy Legs over the side of her outdoor pool, but the more she tried, the less she achieved. Splashing thin legs only caused her to lose her footing, sending her arms up in the air, and her giggles into orbit around the branches of the majestic oak tree.

The gnarled tree had seen more seasons than any human currently alive. And every year new shoots emerged like heavenly green, fresh and eager to show their upper sides to the sun. The multitude of insects and birds would visit the silent sentinel, and the ancient oak would provide.

Two Blue Tits looked down at Daisy with disinterest but they would pay more attention once the humans departed. From their lofty perch, they could hear the noise, see the water, and sense an easy meal. The moist earth and wet greenery would provide a plethora of insects and they could speedily collect them before any other birds noticed.

Lilly stood up in the tin bath, holding on to the handles for support.

“Throw me a towel, Daddy.”

A large towel hit her in the face. Lilly laughed her smile wide. Cupping her small hands together she tried hard to send enough water to soak her father, but the distance was too far. Instead, she enticed him nearer, showering him with a splash of liquid pleasure.

“Come on sweet-chops, time for lunch,” her father said.

A big green machine, pulling an old battered trailer arrived. Father and daughter climbed aboard. The laughter could be heard in the next field.

As the noise died on the gentle breeze, the Blue Tits swooped.

It was worth the long wait, as their babies would soon have full stomachs.

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