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Destiny Is All by Rick Haynes

‘Too old to live. Too young to know any better. And in between far too many people thinking only of themselves. Man's desire to rush headlong into destruction is nothing new, yet the pace is quickening. The seas are rising, the air polluted and the global population is growing. Too many mouths to feed, too many trees and forests destroyed. Oblivion beckons. The end is nigh. Only the foolhardy believe the race of man will overcome and repair the damage. Is there a saviour? Will humans finally take notice? Or will destiny strike us down for being too greedy, too selfish, and too late in reversing the utter chaos of our own making?' Mr Franks gave his most fearful face to the children sitting at their desks. Looking from one to another he wanted them to know who was in charge.

He brushed a lock of hair from his forehead, gathered up his books and turned back to the faces of confusion. A brief smile crossed his face.

'Okay, class. Your homework for the weekend is to prove me wrong. Anyone late in submitting their paper on Monday morning will be put on detention. Any questions?'

The groans from the students could be heard in the next classroom.

'Please, sir, what does oblivion mean?'

'What? You're six years old. l could read Shakespeare at your age. Go! Go! Look it up.'

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