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STAYING ALIVE by Rick Haynes

The speed at which the Coronavirus has spread is truly frightening. And with the number of dead, and those infected rising every day, the future is bleak for all humans on our beautiful blue planet. Even the advances in medical science have proved of little value so far.

A cure? Who knows.

Mankind is facing a massive challenge yet the fatuity of some is boundless.

Thus, with the NHS under so much pressure, I make no excuses for this post.

Life is so precious yet many people demand they be allowed to journey wherever they like during this pandemic. Have they forgotten, anyone can contract COVID19? More importantly, do those out and about truly believe they are immune to infection? Do they not care about infecting others?

Or do they think only the elderly will die whilst those younger will simply spend a few days in hospital being cared for by our over-stretched and completely exhausted nurses and doctors?

Socialising doesn’t have to cease. Anyone can use What’s App, Zoom or Skype to catch up with their friends and families. And with most people constantly checking their phones, what’s the problem?

The news is constantly banging on the same drum. Do not leave your home unless it is essential.

So why take such a massive chance?

SELFISH? They are. STUPID? They are.

Being in the minority, perhaps that’s why they believe it couldn’t happen to them. But it does happen to them and those infected will quickly pass on the virus to others.

Demanding to be allowed to visit any public place where the chance of infection is high, is beyond belief. Surely their lives are more important than socialising in person with friends. Staying indoors is safe – going out isn’t. So why take the chance unless the journey is vital?

This virus is a killer as at this moment in time there is no cure. Russian roulette comes to mind for the odds of losing the fight against infection are very high. And if anyone does take a big chance and mixes with others, the wheel of fate is unlikely to turn in their favour.

Not one person in the UK can say they haven’t been warned.

So why gamble on your most precious asset – your life.



If this post makes one human being think twice before venturing outside on a non-essential journey, I will be happy.

Please share.

Thank you, Rick.

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