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This week, I am showcasing a wake-up call about the world we live in from Sid.


All war is essentially futile, for no matter who wins, have we not all drowned in the tears of the widows and their children?

Power is a word the vile creatures of war constantly desire. Their feelings about whosoever are in their way have always been resolute; the dissidents will die; the dead irrelevant.

With the growth of warmongers on our beautiful planet Earth increasing yearly, the stupidity of their actions proves their brains are firmly stuffed well inside the place on their body where the sun never shines.

No matter what those in power believe, there are no winners in war. The huge number of men, women, and children, who will never look into the eyes of their loved ones again, will mourn. Their pain is unbearable, and they will never forget it. The young will be educated; to learn what happened to their forebears and they will never feel anything but hatred against those responsible for such evil deeds.

But as the decades fly by, only history will fully remember the worldwide acts of brutality and hatred.

The cauldron is bubbling and it’s near to bubbling over like never before. There is no doubt. Planet Earth is on a course to oblivion and only the richest can prevent annihilation.

The power-mongers, the richest people on Planet Earth, control all aspects of life in the 21st century, yet, no matter how much they have, the evil ones will never be satisfied. They lust for anything they can grab. Their mantra of control, steal and keep, is more valuable than the lives of millions of innocent people.

Yet the brains of those seeking dominance believe they are invincible; that none would dare disagree with them for fear of retaliation on a worldwide basis. Stupidity rules with those thinking along those lines as people from all quarters of our globe could guess what would happen if the first nuclear bomb was dropped. Why anyone would even consider exploding a bomb that would destroy every creature near to the explosion site as well as polluting the air we all breathe over hundreds, if not thousands of miles, is way beyond any rational act.

But what about the super-rich and those in power? Do they care?

The secret of secure caves in mountains that would shelter a small number of humans has been discussed for years. No one knows how many safe havens there are, apart from those in power ready to be the first to be trapped - I use the word loosely - but the largest countries have made plans to protect the future of the human race.

What a con.

How many will the caves hold?

Who will be eligible?

But who will be chosen?

The sheer stupidity of building these safe-holes under-ground beggars’ belief. Yes, they will have squirrelled away tons of food and water, and they may have found a way to grow certain plants to sustain them. But there is a big question. How long would they survive beneath earth and rock before the madness would overcome them? And if they eventually did emerge from their hiding places, how would they cope, physically and mentally, with a barren land covered in radioactive dust?

Clearly, with food so radioactive, they wouldn’t live long.

I digress, so will go back to the present. For some countries their way forward is certain; power is the key, control is everything, and if anyone dares to disagree, they are likely to vanish.

Desiring the natural resources of Tibet, as well as putting thousands of troops alongside the border with India, China invaded that peaceful country. It was a wonderful place where gentle people lived alongside the monks and the Dalai Lama. To this day, Tibet remains an independent state under illegal occupation.

The world has never intervened.


Your guess is as good as mine.

Hong Kong was next on China’s agenda. Those in Hong Kong who disagreed were arrested and disappeared, and let’s not forget the Uyghurs. Rounded up like cattle, forced into concentration camps by the Chinese Nazis, many died, their women raped. No humanitarian organisation has been allowed to see what has become of them.

The silence was deafening all over the globe.

Taiwan is next on their list, but at least the USA is patrolling ships in that area. But who knows what the power-hungry Chinese leader will do next?

The autocratic ruler of Russia also desires ever more power. He took control of Crimea in an instance.

And the world looked the other way.

And now Ukraine is under threat with over 100,000 enemy troops on their borders. Their cry for help is loud; the response is as quiet as a mouse. Will it be the case that yet another country fell into the clutches of communism as the democratic countries on our wonderful blue planet did nothing to prevent it? The Russians couldn’t care less about their soldiers as their actions have shown in the past. Is it possible they will injure, main or kill, some of their men? This would give them the perfect reason to blame Ukraine for their actions and thus invade a country that could never stop the might of the Russian Army.

The Ukrainians have often asked Europe for entry into NATO but Europe has stubbornly refused.

Communism is the cancer of all evil. It is insidious, creeping up like ivy on a withered oak until the tree falls. There is little freedom here as so many families have found out when their dissident fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters have been punished; forced into accepting the control of the Chinese or Russian state, slave labour, or more likely, to die.

No one knows how many humans have been murdered, physically assaulted, indoctrinated, or disappeared for the dead will never have the right to be heard.

The world looks on with despair, yet allows its athletes to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympic games. Held where? You guessed correctly; it is China.

The race for air and cosmos supremacy is constant; the billions of pounds spent, astronomical. Yet millions starve, are enslaved, injured, or murdered.

The United Nations speaks loudly but the people of Earth know their words are impotent for any proposed action soon disappears; their silence as deafening as any graveyard.

As if the above is not horrific enough, the following should make you think hard as the biggest threat to mankind will soon be upon us.

With the massive increase in population growth, our wonderful planet is struggling to provide enough food. And with global warming now believed by even the most sceptical, the facts are clear.

Here is the sad truth about one country, Chile, and its fear about the most important resource needed to keep its citizens alive. Water! Santiago is the capital city of Chile and it occupies a long narrow strip of land between the mighty Andes Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. All of its water, for drinking, watering animals, and for industrial use comes from the Andes which is normally covered in deep snow. But the snow is melting faster than normal; the exposed caps are showing little snow. And if a drought came along, many people would die.

Planet Earth cannot keep up with the demand for food, and eventually, water. As food and water supplies diminish, there will be too many humans to feed and hydrate, let alone the declining wild animals. Eventually, like the dinosaurs before us, we will be extinct. When? The scientists would probably have some idea but no one knows for certain.

Is our future in the Stars?

Who knows?

But would another race wish to assist a species known for its desire to make war? I doubt it unless they would see our world as a planet to plunder.

With so much damage to our environment increasing every day, those in power all over our planet should be held to account. They must turn their energies away from profit and greed and think about care and survival. After all, they are not immune from the forthcoming disaster; it will eventually affect them.

The future for all homo sapiens is indeed bleak, as, by our vile actions, it is clear we will not survive unless we change our ways and curb the birth rate.

When is the tipping point?

I have no idea and your guess is probably as good as mine.

But the clock is TICKING.


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