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Hello folks. I bid you welcome to my world of Drabbles.

A Drabble is a self-contained story of exactly 100 words, excluding the title. As with all tales, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. I’ve written too many to count and here is one I think will raise a smile or two.

Take it easy out there.

THE BIG NIGHT by Rick Haynes

It was the night of the film premiere. The traditional red carpet had been positioned, and the crowds were lining the pavements six deep. All the major television channels were represented. Cameras were everywhere.

A young reporter was rehearsing her lines.

‘At all costs, get an interview with a star.’ She mouthed the last words that her boss had shouted at her.

As if on cue, a man walked towards her. It had to be Leonardo.

She thrust the microphone forward. ‘Is it true that you are having an affair with your co-star?’

‘Sorry love. I only laid the carpet.’

P.S. More to come, especially my Drabble winner.


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