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PEACE By Cindy J.Smith

Their future just starting

They are called off to war

Told that freedom and peace

Are worth dying for

In their dress uniforms

Buttons shiny and bright

Family, friends they are proud

So it must be all right

But major destruction

Is all that's in store

When Pride and greed unite

Countries declare war

Bullets start flying

Maim all in their path

There is no escape

From their vengeful wrath

The whining of bombs

Raining down from the sky

Mix with the terror and fear

Of the survivors' cries

Gathering up the wounded

In a town now rubble

Eye witness to carnage

Need help on the double

So many lay dead

Friends and enemies alike

No good thing can come

From this unexpected strike

Their camouflage clothes

Covered now in blood

And their nice shiny boots

Scraped and covered in mud

Horrors of war witnessed

Are burnt deep in their souls

They know that their hearts

Will never be whole

How much blood must be spilled

Precious innocence lost

Before we finally admit

Peace shouldn't have this high cost

© Cindy J. Smith Published in Silence


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