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“What kind of ghost are you, Donkey Chops?”

“How kind of you not to remember my name, Smarmy Face. I thought you were dead and buried.”

“Of course I was, and if I say so myself, my funeral was a splendid affair, not some cheap do like yours. I mean, only complete idiots would cover your coffin with flowers already dead. But I bet you liked it, didn’t you.”

“If I could turn the clock back for just a minute, Smarmy, I’d guarantee your nose would be bloody and you’d be counting your teeth. Alive I never liked you; dead is even worse because I have to share my space in the afterlife with you.”

“Hells bells! Was I really that nasty?”

“Yep, bad to the bone you were.”

“Okay! Okay! I have an idea, Donkey. Why don’t we bury the hatchet, team up, and return to the world we once left to scare the pants off all those we never liked.”

“Yeah, Smarmy, I mean, Bruce, that’s the best idea you’ve ever had. Where’s the catch?”

“None whatsoever my friend, Thomas, so what about this? With Halloween looming ever closer all we have to do is pretend we are alive; you know, take the form of someone living. We move things, we scream and yell, we do everything we can to terrify all those we never liked. And once their fears grow we can really create a storm. Their screaming will be music to our ears and we can gloat at their misfortune.”

“I’m hooked, but we should do something really special, something those rejoicing over our demise will never forget.”

“I agree. So let’s play trick or treat as real ghosts. Some will never believe their eyes, whilst others will be too drunk to care. We can flit from house to house and really enjoy ourselves. Why shouldn’t we scare as many of our dubious friends as we can?”

“Yeah! I can see their horrified faces already. Shake hands on it, Bruce?”

“Absolutely, my old - new friend, Thomas.”

“I guarantee Halloween is really going to go off with a bang this year, Brucie.”

“And so it should for it was our so-called friends who put us in the grave.”


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